Join us for Feedback Stockholm June & August 2017

Tristram Stuart Feeding the 5000

UPDATE: Feeding the 5000 Stockholm has been cancelled since I haven’t been able to get the public non-commercial funding as required by the Feedback organisation guidelines. I will however continue to work in a even more ambitious event against food waste for the whole Swedish food industry in what I aim to call The Food Waste Journey or Matsvinnsresan in Swedish. We will in the same ”from farm to fork” format as Feedback does collect first class food surplus cook it, serve it and put a spotlight on the issues surrounding food waste BUT we’ll launch sometime 2018. So do stay tuned (most probably in Swedish)! /Mårten

The start of  Feedback Stockholm 2017

Two weeks ago I took part in a very interesting day in Stockholm Nobel Dialogue Week, Our Food Your Planet was the name of the day with a steady flow of interesting speakers and panel discussions. For those that weren’t there, you can see the recorded version of about 7 + hours here.

I met up with food waste international superstar Tristram Stuart whom I’ve had some contact with prior to launching (matsvinnet is Swedish for food waste). We agreed to co-arrange what will most likely be the first ever Feedback Stockholm June Disco Chop event to launch the big August Feeding the 500 Stockholm event (TBC). Those reading this that want to be a part of the solution as a volunteer please use this form and come and co-create to reduce food waste or if you are interested in taking part as sponsor, partner or as a volunteer serving food, please read this document. 

What to do?

We will show how vastly unnessesary food waste is by instead feeding it to the lovely people of Stockholm! I’m now in the progress to make it happen together with the Feedback team in London. Amazing news and perhaps the best thing ever to happen to food waste in Sweden! I’m in contact with some organisations already but Feedback and myself will appreciate you help to get volunteers and financiers connected to the very important quest and good cause. 

You’re invited!

So, in order to fuel this event with people, money and assets, please join it as volunteer by:

  1. Filling out this super sleek two minute signup form and by sharing this post with others.
  2. Please use this document to get along any non-profit organisation, fund or business angel, ready to engage and help reduce food waste in Sweden.  

Share and see how the story unfolds at Matsvinnet Facebookpage (in Swedish). 

Let’s write history together by cooking loads of rescued food in Stockholm in June and August. Did I mention it is the brightest and possibly best tome of year to visit Sweden. So.. who’s in? meets Tristram Stuart cooks rescued food for 50 people in Danderyd (Stockholm)

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